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Lure Audience Into Movie Hall Seats:

The most common method followed by the movie makers to advertise their movies to the world is through movie trailers. Just creating a good play doesn't mean that your movie will be watched by everyone. First of all the highlights of your movie should reach the people. This is done with the help of movie trailers. However the important fact is that, inorder to get higher exposure to your movie these movie trailers should be distributed in a medium which people use more.

Who Is Behind A Successful Movie?

Is that an actor or actress or the director or someone else behind the success of a movie? Definitely they are termed as the heartbeat of every movie. However, behind every successful movie there will be a successful movie trailer also. In turn a movie trailer will be successful if they reach the public in quick and convenient time. Today people spend only a less time watching the television, as they spend more time using the Internet. This is because they can view whatever they want at their convenient time. The Internet has become the new frontier in film promotion. There are a lot of video distribution websites like youtube, Google videos where one can upload their movie trailers which will be watched by millions of people.

Internet To Take Over Television:

Entertainment is one of the reasons why people are using the internet extensively. People prefer internet over the television because, they can watch whatever they wish in their convenient time. That is a movie trailer released in the television will show up randomly at any time. It doesn't mean that the people will be waiting for long hours to watch your movie trailer, when it's broadcasted. Here is where video trailer submission comes in the scene. People extensively use the video directories in the Internet to get the highlights of the latest movies. Submitting your movie trailers in these video directories will enable people to watch your movie trailers at their convenient time.

Some of the other advantages of movie trailer submission in the internet include:

  • Gathering international audience for the movie.
  • Highlights of the movie reaching corners of the globe in a very short time.
  • Movie trailer distribution is a quick to market, low investment service.
  • Enabling people to watch the movie trailer in their convenient time, rather than missing the same when broadcasted in Television or Radio.
  • The most advanced technique of movie marketing that makes your movie look classy.

Some Facts: (Reports according to "The Hindu Business Line")

  • Over 38.5 million Indians have Internet access.
  • Although broadband internet in its introductory stage, 1.5 million homes already have them (Note: they mainly use them for entertainment).
  • About 20 million Indians living abroad, use the internet to know the latest film news.

House Full

Movie trailers, draw the attention of millions of people. Broadcasting movie trailer is a kind of advertising of movies. However, these movie trailers are effective only if many people watch them. The mediums that are currently available for movie marketing are newspapers, Radios, Television and the Internet. Out of these, Radios and newspapers cannot broadcast full motion trailers. Among the television and the internet, the Internet is the most preferred medium today. Hence it is crystal clear that the video directories in the Internet are the ideal places for distributing your movie trailers. “In a movie hall you should have two important things. The movie and the audience”. The movie is already in there. So let's get out there in the vast Internet ocean and lure the audience and let's be lucky to say “House full.” That's all folks!

Order Movie Trailer Distribution

Movie Trailer Distribution to 50 popular Sites - below 5 MB

Manual video distribution to popular video distribution websites like youtube, dailymotion and vimeo.

Project Duration: We will distribute your video to 50 popular video distribution sites in just 7 working days.

Benefits: Videos distributed with the relevant content into the best suited categories.

Service Code: MTVDS
Rate : $29
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